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Flower Mama has been a key part of The Fix RX since our opening in January 2018 and we are so thankful for the beauty and goodness created in our patient centric environment. From seasonal arrangements that shift seamlessly on autopilot, to the weekly care of strategically placed plants that contribute to our greenspace,  both patients and employees alike are consistently 'wowed' by Lisa's heart as it certainly shows through in each and every piece of work she creates. 

Jeff & Emilee Allman

Lisa Lofgren aka Flower Mama took my dreams of a stately peaceful colorful front yard space and a whimsical creative back yard living area and helped me make them a reality. From her diagram planning the design, placement of all kinds of living things blending the right color choices and plant sizing details, she worked her magic in ways I could not imagine! She also had to consider two very sizable furry family members who liked to dig! She is truly a landscaping wiz.

Deb C.


I had an amazing experience with Flower Mama! I am not great with plants – but Flower Mama was the answer to my prayers. Lisa created some fabulous designs for my patio! She is creative, friendly and taught me about caring for my new plant babies. She is very affordable and kept me right in budget. I adore sitting on my porch and looking at my beautiful flowers - I couldn’t have asked for more. I love her work so much I have recommended her to my friends and am going to have her work her botanical magic at my place of business as well! Thank you, Flower Mama!

Lori A.

I purchased a beautiful potted Leopard plant as a gift for a friend. Lisa was so friendly and helpful! I am excited to shop again!

Carly G.

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